The Skin Project

A Network for Innovative Materials

Innovative materials regularly provide the basis for product innovations. However, it is often difficult for those who develop the ideas and those who implement them to keep up to date and to link up with each other.

This is where SKIN comes into play. The goal is for it to function as a think tank and platform for designers, architects, graphic designers, and multimedia and textile professionals in terms of communication and the development of technical innovations, and also to bring these specialists together with PR experts and manufacturing companies.

The aim of this initiative, funded by the austria wirtschaftsservice [Austrian economic development service, a federal and development financing bank] (impulse) as one of its IMPULSE LEAD PROJECTS, is to help design real, marketable products using innovative materials and processes. The development of tangible products is intended as a means of impressively presenting new and original materials and processes to decision-makers and investors from the areas of architecture, design, and business.

In this way innovation will become a tangible experience for experts from many diverse branches and the general public as well. SKIN is intended to make technical innovations understandable and thus reveal the enormous and often unsuspected potentials from the world of research.



Designers and architects rely on innovations for developing sustainable solutions.


In order to secure long-term economic success, companies must offer fresh new products made with innovative materials and processes.


Innovative materials and processes are the essential driving forces in the development of future-oriented products.

Networking and Communication

SKIN links up expertise among the industries and thus supports the development of forward-looking projects, from the initial idea to the prototypical product.

Starting the Skin Process
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