Natural Skin

Tray set made from free–formed natural fibers – sustainable and affordable.

The organoid® platform technology makes possible the affordable production of freeform objects using a large variety of renewable raw materials as the basis. The numerous advantages it presents open up new horizons for both design and architecture.

Together with the new Tyrolean start-up Organoid® Technologies, the Vienna design office Nofrontiere has designed an especially sustainable type of designer home accessories. The new entrepreneurs have developed a process by which finely milled biogenic materials (e.g. grasses, biofibres, wood waste) combined with natural binders are sprayed onto individual forms and hardened using a ‘balloon’ and vacuum technology.

Along with the piece of lounge furniture, the ‘IOYO’ pouffe also created by Nofrontiere, ‘MAIA’ represents the first step in an exciting future of sustainable design. This is because the pioneering process involved can be applied not only to small, but also to architectural formats for fascinating freeform surfaces.

As a result, the patented organoid® manufacturing process makes possible the production of completely environmentally friendly products from locally available natural materials. Besides that, all of the products manufactured in this way are fully biodegradable, and can thus be returned to nature without a trace.

The ‘MAIA’ bowls are a set of designer home accessories resulting from the SKIN – Future Materials initiative that unites modern design from Vienna with innovative manufacturing technology from the Pitztal area. The ‘MAIA’ bowls are made of 100% ‘Walder Opa’, a wood mixture that owes its catchy name to the grandfather of its developer.

The design of ‘MAIA’ reflects the ecological sustainability of the organoid® process. As a system of freely extendable home accessory bowls, “MAIA” reminds of honeycombs. The bee as an as sensitive as important part of our ecosystem, refers to the ecological sustainable harmlessness of the organoid® products.

Traditional craftsmanship is combined with an innovative manufacturing process in the creation of the products from Nofrontiere and Organoid® Technologies. By means of the organoid® process, the basic raw material, which is 100% regionally available and offers a free selection of biogenic substances, enables the production of serial individuality. In addition to a sustainable small ecological footprint, the company is thus establishing a solid economic basis.

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