making something: POPPY

Structural Skin

A collection of laser-cut disc based on the highly symmetrical geometric properties of a circle and the triangulation of points in three-dimensional terrain reconstruction.

Each series of laser-cut lines presents a possible pattern derived from the geometric construction of a circle. Reminiscent of the crushed petals of a poppy, the range marks a point of departure from the use of the rectangle in form-making while retaining the primary feature of mathematically informed and organically moulded compositions.

Users are invited to shape and mould the two-dimensional discs into three-dimensional vessels while experiencing the tactile property of laser-cut metal discs. For this range, there are three designs in three sizes. Additionally, there is also a range of pre-moulded Artisan compositions available in 24 carat gold-plating and chrome-plating.

making something: POPPY making something: POPPY

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