Structural Skin, Textile Skin

Concrete furniture with textile reinforcement

PAULSBERG furniture provokes emotions through its design and the use of extraordinary materials.

»Spurt« is a monocoque lounge chair made of carbonfibre-reinforced concrete. Inspired by the silhouette of a sprinter just about to start the race, it combines strength and vitality.

With its ergonomically shaped form, »Spurt« offers comfort, that goes far beyond common concrete or stone furniture. Due to the complexity of its shape the chair is handmade.

Choosing the lounge chair »Spurt«, you literally get one of a kind – handmade especially for you.

Its semi gloss surface is achieved, using carnauba wax emulsion, applied andvpolished by hand. The edges are chamfered, minimizing the risk of concrete spalling. Due to its ergonomically shaped form, »Spurt« offers comfort seating at an aesthetically high level.

The characteristic texture of the chair‘s concrete surface can be compared to wood grain. Small pores on the surface as well as staining and variations in color are no quality defect, they are characteristic features of concrete and considered inherent valued qualities. Furthermore, its these little details that point out the individuality of each chair.

You can purchase the lounge chair »Spurt« in two different shades of grey:
Choosing stone grey, you get concrete in its original tone, matching vividly dark colors. Mouse grey on the other hand, fits perfectly into bright interiors.

The puristical charm and special haptic features go along with other characteristics, that distinguish furniture made of concrete from other materials.

Concrete is a vivid material, that changes over time. None-structural hair-line cracks and further pores can appear, nonetheless without a decrease in stability. Isolated changes of color and a general brightening of the concrete surface are common.

The applied carnauba wax emulsion offers protection against simple surface stains. Many Liquids roll off first, yet spills should be cleaned up quickly to avoid permanent staining or etching. You can define the surface durability up to a certain extent, by refreshing the wax polish. Allowing concrete to develop a typical patina can also be appealing.

Photo: paulsberg

Photo: paulsberg

Photo: paulsberg


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